Local in LA & NYC

Ava Berkofsky was born in Wales and raised in the mountains and cities of California. Ava’s background in fine art and documentary photography informs her textured approach to visual storytelling, capturing the nuance of place, time, and subjectivity. 

Ava recently finished production on HBO's hit show INSECURE. As the primary DP, she set and executed the look for the season. Films she has shot have premiered at numerous festivals including Sundance, the Venice Film Festival, AFI Fest, SXSW, the Toronto Film Festival and the Cannes Film Festival; winning Best Film in the Orizzonti category at the Venice Film Festival (FREE IN DEED, dir Jake Mahaffy) and winning the Special Jury Prize at SXSW twice (SHARE, dir Pippa Bianco) (SEQUIN RAZE, dir Sarah Shapiro). 

Ava was nominated for a 2017 Independent Spirit Award for Best Cinematography for her work on Free In Deed. She holds an MFA from the American Film Institute.